Frequently Asked Questions  


Basingstoke Roundabout


Q1 The Roundabout Instructions say that I have to put the Roundabout logo and panel on the same page that I submitted to the Roundabout. Why can't I put it on my links page instead? 

A1 The idea of the Roundabout is to allow web surfers to navigate quickly and easily from one site to the next. To do this, it is essential that the Roundabout panel is visible to them on the page at which they arrive on your site. You can put the panel on your links page, but only if that's where Roundabout users arrive on your site. 

This rule is strictly enforced by the Roundabout, to ensure that the ring isn't broken.


Q2 When I click on the previous or next site links on the Roundabout panel isn't the one next to mine. Why not?

A2 In order to share the benefits of the visits to popular member sites equally amongst the other members, during a browsing session the first site visited by the previous or next link is chosen randomly, subsequent sites are chosen as the previous/next in the alphabetical list of member sites.


Q3 When I put the Roundabout panel on my page it doesn't look the same as the one on the WebRing HomePage what's happening? 

A3 Web page editing software often changes the look of the panel by adding in extra paragraph marks, spaces, etc. you can check this by looking at you web page with a text editor such as NotePad and comparing the HTML code to the original panel code. 

One way round this problem is to create your page with your HTML editor and then insert the panel manually using a text editor such as NotePad.


Q4 I've put the panel on my page, but the links don't work. What has gone wrong?  

A4 Have a look at the source code for your page, this will usually reveal the problem, if you want to see the original panel it's available at //

Here's a common problem:

The links on your should look something like this: 

But the links may look something like this:      ring/rand.html 

There should be no spaces between "web" and "ring" - or indeed anywhere else in this string. 

This usually happens because the email system breaks up the long continuous link we send you into two lines. Your HTML editor then indents them neatly, inserting extra spaces in the process.

Another problem, your the links may look something like this: 

Here your HTML editor has changed this links to local ones stored on your harddisc, you must restore the link to the correct value. 

It's recommend that you use a proper FTP client for site upload  WS-FTP LE is a good one, free for personal use.