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broadcast communications

To download any of the following software:

1) Click on the Download ProgramName Now caption of the software you want to download

2) Choose the option to 'Save this file to disc'

3) Open from your harddisc

4) If checked uncheck the 'minimise during install' checkbox

5) Run setup.exe from within WinZip

6) Follow the instruction in the installation wizard



Your Current Internet Connection Details



Always know where you are on the Internet, add this URL to your bookmarks:



DCT and IDCT demonstrator

DCT v3.0 is a training and demonstration programme for the MPEG/JPEG DCT process

Download DCT Now (1.86 Mbyte)

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Digital TV BitRate Calculator


RateCalc v1.7 is a bit rate, symbol rate and bandwith calculator for MPEG/DVB digital terrestrial television (DVB-T DTTV) and satellite links (DVB-S)

Download RateCalc Now (4.13 Mbyte)

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