About the WebRing Scripts

The WebRing scripts are copyright E.P.J Tozer and were originally developed so that the Basingstoke Roundabout WebRing could be run without incurring the cost of any special hosting facilities and without participating sites having to carry advertising or having annoying pop up panels appear. The Basingstoke Roundabout has been successfully running in its present JavaScript form since 1999 and currently hosts around 60 member sites.

The core of the WebRing is based on a set of HTML and JavaScript files that cause the WebRing software to execute on the browsing machine, rather than the more usual method of executing cgi scripts on a host machine. The member sites of the WebRing carry an HTML-only panel that directs browsers to the WebRing's core pages that carry the WebRing scripts. 

How the WebRing Scripts operate

The WebRing scripts work like this: at the member site a click on one of the links on the WebRing panel will direct the browser to one of the prev/next/list/rand html pages on the central site, these pages store a cookie in the browsing machine indicating which page it is, they then auto load the ring.html page, the JavaScript on the ring.html page reads the cookie value and acts on it by auto loading the target member site, which in turn has the WebRing member panel pointing back to prev/next/list/rand.html pages. 

Using the WebRing Scripts

If you want to use the scripts to create your own non commercial WebRing you may do so free of charge, providing the author is notified of the use and credited with a link to http://www.tozer.org.uk, the scripts are used intact, in particular leaving copyright notices in place, and that a references to this page, "tech.html", are kept in place, so that others wishing to set up a WebRing may find it.

A pdf version of the instructions, including diagrams is available here:
Click to download the WebRing Instructions in pdf format.

The files you'll need to use to set up a script based WebRing are available from http://www.zetrox.com/ringb/scripts.zip  and are: 


One way to copy them is to http: to the page and then save the page from your browser. As many of the pages automatically redirect browsers to other pages, they can be a little tricky to save, to prevent the redirect occurring switch off scripting support in your browser. Once copied all the files need to be stored in the same WebRing folder on your WWW server. For example in: www.mydomain.myisp/webring/.

The main files you'll need to modify for your WebRing are "ringa.js" and "html.html", these contain the list of WebRing member sites, "html.html" is only necessary for "scripts challenged" browsers. The variables SiteMax and CatsMax in ringa.js needs to be changed to the number of sites and categories in your WebRing. The files can be modified with a simple text editor such as NotePad.

If you use the WebRing scripts they may only be modified to change the names to that of your WebRing and to the names of your member sites, the structure of the pages may not be changed and this page tech.html and references to it may not be changed. 

The page "join.html" uses cgi functions available on sites hosted by Zen Internet to return the forms, if your site is not hosted by Zen Internet you may change this page to suit your ISP's facilities.

You are free to use the scripts non commercially unmodified, with the exceptions noted above. All use of the scripts and html is entirely at your own risk, no guarantees are implied or given as their functionality. If you need technical support by email I can provide this at an annual cost of 25 / 40 / US$40, email me Joe Tozer also for details of commercial use.

Some WebRings I know of which use the scripts can be found at:

http://www.zetrox.com/ringb Basingstoke Roundabout
http://www.pahealth.org/datalink/ Pensylvannia Health Authority
http://cyberseals.org/webring/ Cyberseals
http://www.taoworks.org/ TaoWorks Village
http://www.digitalfemme.com/den/lair/army/ Digital Femme
http://www.minstersystems.co.uk/webring/index.html Database Advisors WebRing

If you do set up a WebRing using the scripts then please do let me know the URL or if you know of any other WebRings I've nor listed that use these scripts please do let me know.

Joe Tozer